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Maurice Foley

posted 6 Mar 2016, 15:42 by Laune Rangers

Maurice Foley has won three Mid Kerry Championships (2004, 2005, 2006) in the early stages of his career, as well as a number of Mid Kerry Senior Leagues and numerous underage medals.  Maurice has been appointed Laune Rangers Senior Team captain for 2016


Date of Birth:               28th January 1985

Height:                         6’ 1”

Occupation:                Carpenter

First memory in GAA: Parish League with Willie Fitz

Childhood Hero:          Dara O Sé

Hobbies outside of football: Cycling, Soccer and Socialising


Any pre-match Superstitions: I have to eat no later than three hours before game

Favourite Venue you have played in: Fitzgerald stadium

Biggest Influence on your Career to Date: My father and John Evans

Most Memorable sporting moment as a player: Marking Dara O’Sé in Co Championship

Biggest Sporting disappointment: Losing to Stacks and being relegated to Intermediate

What skill do you work at most: Catching and kicking


In 10 years time I hope to be: up on the grass bank shouting on the Rangers as a retired millionaire

I there was a transfer market in GAA who would you sign for Rangers: Brian Fenton (Dublin)

What do you like most about GAA: Good friends & craic with the boys

How would you improve the GAA: Making a Fixed season – no games after October


Favourite sport outside of Football: Soccer

Favourite invention: iPhone

Favourite Food: Steak

Favourite Drink: Carlsberg

Favourite Music: Kings of Leon

Favourite Movie: Gladiator