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John Tyther

posted 23 Apr 2016, 15:27 by Laune Rangers

John Tyther is one of the younger players in the Laune Rangers Senior Squad, but is fast becoming one of the key players in the team.  He has won a number of medals coming up through the age grades, including three Mid Kerry Minor medals (2011-2013).  He has won two Mid Kerry Under 21 titles including the 2016 championship, where he earned the Man of the Match award in the final.


Date of Birth:               30th May 1996 

Height:                           6’ 1” 

Occupation:                  Student 

First memory in GAA: Playing out the back of my cousin's house 

Childhood Hero:           Declan O'Sullivan & Steven Gerrard

Hobbies outside of football: Basketball, Soccer, Horse Racing 


Any pre-match Superstitions: Always wear two pairs of socks 

Favourite Venue you have played in: Fitzgerald stadium 

Biggest Influence on your Career to Date: Family 

Most Memorable sporting moment as a player: Winning Mid Kerry Minor Championship 2013 

Biggest Sporting disappointment: Losing to Stacks last year

What skill do you work at most: Kicking with both feet


In 10 years time I hope to be: Hopefully still playing with a few medals in my back pocket 

I there was a transfer market in GAA who would you sign for Rangers: Conor McManus

What do you like most about GAA: The friends you make and playing in big games

How would you improve the GAA: Have a definite off-season and  no games after end of November


Favourite sport outside of Football: Basketball

Favourite invention: iPhone 

Favourite Food: Roast Chicken

Favourite Drink: Milk

Favourite Music: Pop 

Favourite Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street