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Daniel Macbeth

posted 17 Apr 2016, 12:57 by Laune Rangers   [ updated 17 Apr 2016, 13:10 ]

Daniel Macbeth is one of the younger members of the Laune Rangers Senior Squad, but has become an integral part of the team this year.  He has won two Mid Kerry Under 21 championship - including the 2016 title.  He has also three Mid Kerry Minor championship medals, & earned the Man of the Match award in the latter two finals.


Date of Birth:                9th May 1996

Height:                            6' 3"

Occupation:                   Student

First memory in GAA: Sunday mornings at the Track

Childhood Hero:           David Beckham

Hobbies outside of football: Horse Racing, American Football, Golf


Any pre-match Superstitions: "Superstitions show weakness" (Frampton, C 2016)

Favourite Venue you have played in: Gaelic Grounds, Limerick

Biggest Influence on your Career to Date: Family – although Willy Byrne would say it was all of his words of wisdom in my younger days. 

Most Memorable sporting moment as a player: Winning Mid Kerry Minor as an Under 16

Biggest Sporting disappointment: Relegated to Intermediate after losing to Stacks

What skill do you work at most: I practice kicking scores a lot (Well needed)


In 10 years time I hope to be: Still playing ball hopefully, location unknown

I there was a transfer market in GAA who would you sign for Rangers: Diarmuid Connelly

What do you like most about GAA: Playing for your own town and the same bunch of lads as you move up through the age ranks

How would you improve the GAA: Bigger incentives to stay in Ireland and continue to play GAA


Favourite sport outside of Football: American Football

Favourite invention: My iPhone & all its amazing apps

Favourite Food: Indian or Thai always go down well

Favourite Drink: Coke (and none of that Diet stuff)

Favourite Music: Pop, Hip Hop. Anything catchy really

Favourite Movie: Law Abiding Citizen, Shawshank Redemption