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Concussion - A mild traumatic brain injury

A Players Guide

Concussion Signs and Symptoms

Signs observed by Coaching Staff:
  • Appears dazes of stunned
  • is confused about position
  • forgets an instruction
  • unsure of game details
  • moves clumsily
  • answers questions slowly
  • loses consciousness (even briefly)
  • shows mood/behaviour/personality change
  • forgets events 'prior' to hit or fall
  • forgets events 'after' hit or fall
Signs reported by Players:
  • headache or pressure
  • nausea
  • balance or dizziness
  • double or blurry vision
  • sensitivity to light/noise
  • feeling sluggish/hazy/groggy
  • concentration/memory problems
  • confusion
  • does not 'feel right' or 'feeling down'

What to do...


After an initial concussion the individual should subscribe to complete and utter rest

  • no TV/Radio
  • no computers
  • no bright lights
  • no texting
  • no reading
  • no physical exercise
  • no alcohol
  • no driving
  • no exertion of any kind
If a player SLEEPS after a concussion, wake them every few hours during the night, or while resting, to check their communication.

Players SHOULD NOT return to play until symptom-free

Risk of re-injury is high; leading to recurrent concussion; causing long-term damage

Should symptoms persist, SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE!!