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Laune Rangers Mentoring Programme 2012

The Gaelic Athletic Association has developed its coaching programmes significantly, but what have they achieved in relation to mentoring. Well, what is the difference between coaching and mentoring?


The differences between coaching and mentoring are shown below:



Focus on progress

Focus on task sometimes for life

Usually short term

Usually longer term

Explicit feedback

Intuitive feedback

Develops skills

Develops capabilities

Driven by coach

Driven by learner

Shows you where you went wrong

Helps you to work it out yourself

Coaching Booklet. H.M.(Andec Communications)



As an experienced Player/Coach I wanted to look at the possibility of developing a mentoring programme at the grass roots level of the GAA and so I gave a presentation to Minor Players with a view to obtaining some feedback and discussion on the topic. 90% of the players found the presentation to be very helpful. They felt that they received very good advice from an experienced player, got an insight into mental toughness, it showed some relevant facts and dealt with a lot of issues not usually spoken about.


When asked what could be done to develop mentoring in the Club, responses included; more one to one sessions, more presentations like this, give the mentors a talk on how to develop, managers to see this, more stuff like this, have more contact with senior players, encourage past and present senior players to get involved in underage structures, young players look up to senior players. As a follow on from this presentation, the club is looking at piloting the concept of e-mentoring where players email their concerns to a mentor:  who in turn will answer the email and send a copy to all players to maximize potential learning. To protect players from any embarrassment their names will not be mentioned in any return email to all the players involved in the mentoring programme.