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2017 Bord na nOg Match Reports

County Under 14 Leagues Division One and Division Nine Finals:- Laune Rangers vs Austin Stacks 24/5/17

posted 24 May 2017, 15:56 by Laune Rangers   [ updated 28 May 2017, 08:49 ]

Losses in County League Division One and Nine Finals for Under 14s


Kilcummin was the venue for the Finals of the Less Strand County Under 14 Leagues Divisions One and Nine on Wednesday evening, with Laune Rangers facing off with Austin Stacks in both games.



Austin Stacks 5-17, Laune Rangers 3-13

A nightmare start for Rangers saw Austin Stacks score three goals in the opening five minutes of the Division One Final, with a fourth goal coming after Eoghan Hassett had pointed for Rangers. Tom Whittleton, Adam Owens & Mikey O’Donnell points were cancelled out by three by Stacks to see the Tralee side leading by 4-3 to 0-4 with 15 minutes played.

Stacks pressed their advantage further with three points and a 5th goal by the 20th minute as Callum Russell pointed a solitary effort for Rangers in the period. Laune Rangers improved late in the half and pointed through Eoghan Hassett ( 2 frees) and Callum Moriarty – all goal chances as the ‘no penalty’ rule at Under 14 level saw Rangers fouled multiple times in the square with a 13 metre free the only reward. Rangers hit the net twice late on though, with Adam Owens finishing well on both occasions to reduce the deficit going into the break, as Stacks had used up all of their allotted five goals allowed at U14 level also. Half Time Score:- Austin Stacks 5-8, Laune Rangers 2-8.

Stacks matched Rangers with 0-3 a piece in the third quarter – Eoghan Hassett (2), & Adam Owens pointing with the Launesider scores as Stacks maintained a 5-11 to 2-11 lead. Owens completed a hat-trick for Rangers with points also coming from Owens and Eoghan Hassett, but the big, physical Stacks side were far too strong for the young Rangers team on the day. They added 6 more points as Rangers were chasing goals to close out a comfortable win. Full Time Score:- Austin Stacks 5-17, Laune Rangers 3-13.

Laune Rangers ‘Blue’: Jake Reenstierna, James Byrne, Patrick Brennan, James Treacy, Tom Whittleton (0-1), Matt Reenstierna, Darragh Mangan, Calum Russell (0-1), Ryan Diggin, Mikey O’Donnell (0-1), Calum Moriarty (0-1), Jack O’Sullivan, Eoghan Hassett (0-6), Adam Owens (3-3), Marc Clifford. Subs: Darragh O’Grady, Jack Healy, Aona O’Shea, Cathal Crowley. Squad: Ciarán O’Sullivan, Daniel Evans, Sean Twiss, Eoin Lynch, Killian Spillane, Cillian Foley, Cillian Buckley.


Austin Stacks 2-14, Laune Rangers 2-9

Much like the Division One Final, the Division Nine encounter – played earlier in the evening in Kilcummin – saw a couple of early goals for Stacks leaving Laune Rangers chasing the game. Austin Stacks led by 2-3 to 0-2 after 15 minutes – Darragh Evans pointing twice for Rangers. Points by Cillian Foley and Adam Carey were cancelled out by Stacks in the second quarter to see the Rock maintain their lead into the break. Half Time Score:- Austin Stacks 2-5, Laune Rangers 0-4.

Stacks scored three consecutive points at the start of the second half to stretch their lead, but Rangers had the better of play for the remainder of the third quarter and points from Darragh O’Grady (2 frees), Darragh Evans & Eoin Lynch brought them back into the game. Rangers efforts upfield in attempt at goal left them exposed at the back, and Stacks scored five points in the latter stages to secure the win, with Darragh O’Grady pointing a free for Rangers during this time. Darragh O’Grady and Darragh Evans scored two fantastic goals to reduce the gap, but it was to no avail as Stacks had enough to hang on and win. Full Time score:- Austin Stacks 2-14, Laune Rangers 2-9.

Laune Rangers ‘White’: Jack Foley, Cillian Buckley, Aona O’Shea, Barry Moriarty, Killian Spillane, Cathal Crowley, Ciarán O’Sullivan, Dara Callan, Eoin Lynch (0-1), Daniel Evans, Cillian Foley (0-1), Joe Cronin Langham, Adam Carey (0-1), Darragh Evans (1-3), David Crowley. Subs: Darragh O’Grady (1-3), Sean Twiss, Senan O’Meara. Squad: Eoghan Joy, Killian Moriarty, Oisin Lynch, Jamie Healy, Ryan McCormack, James Prendiville, Gearoid Prendiville, Hugh Fitzpatrick, Oisin Flynn, Dara Joy.

County Under 14 League Semi Final - Division One:- Laune Rangers vs Ballymacelligott. 19/5/17

posted 19 May 2017, 14:04 by Laune Rangers

Rangers to contest Under 14 Division One Final

Laune Rangers 5-17, Ballymacelligott 3-5

Laune Rangers will contest both the Division One and Division Nine Finals of the County Under 14 League as the ‘Blue’ Team followed up the ‘White’ Team’s success earlier in the week with victory over Ballymacelligott in the Division One Semi Final on Friday night in JP O’Sullivan Park.

Ballymac opened the scoring with an early point but Rangers responded immediately, as Adam Owens applied an excellent finish to hit the net for his first goal. Laune Rangers went on to add points from Owens, Mikey O’Donnell & Callum Russell (free) before Ballymac slotted their second point. With a quarter of the game played, Laune Rangers led by 1-3 to 0-2.

Rangers dominated the second quarter and held the visitors scoreless during the period, with Marc Clifford excelling in the half forward line and Darragh Mangan sweeping up at the back. Adam Owens netted his second goal as well as two points with Eoghan Hassett added a brace – 1 from free – before Marc Clifford was rewarded for his efforts with a goal before the break. Half Time Score:- Laune Rangers 3-7, Ballymacelligott 0-2.

Ballymac gave themselves every chance of a comeback with goals in the third quarter, hitting the net three times and added a couple of points, but Laune Rangers held their nerve and scored five points in the same period with frees from Eoghan Hassett (2), Adam Owens & Callum Russell with Calum Moriarty also pointing from play. With 15 minutes to play, Laune Rangers led by 3-12 to 3-4.

Rangers scored their fourth goal in the 47th minute through substitute Darragh O’Grady before a Callum Russell point was nullified by one for the visitors – a point that would prove to be Ballymac’s final score of the game. Russell scored the home side’s fifth goal as Rangers closed the game out. Points were added in the final stages by Adam Owens, Eoghan Hassett (free), Darragh Callan and Darragh O’Grady. Full Time Score:- Laune Rangers 5-17, Ballymacelligott 3-5.

Laune Rangers will play Austin Stacks in the County Under 14 Division One Final – date, time and venue to be confirmed.

Laune Rangers Blue:- Jake Reenstierna, James Treacy, Patrick Brennan, Darragh Mangan, James Byrne, Matt Reenstierna, Tom Whittleton, Callum Russell (1-3), Ryan Diggin, Mikey O’Donnell (0-1), Calum Moriarty (0-1), Jack O’Sullivan, Eoghan Hassett (0-5), Adam Owens (2-5), Marc Clifford (1-0). Subs used: Darragh O’Grady (1-1), Aona O’Shea, Jack Healy, Cathal Crowley, Ciarán O’Sullivan, Darragh Callan (0-1).

County Under 14 League Semi Final - Division Nine:- Ballymacelligott vs Laune Rangers. 17/5/17

posted 17 May 2017, 14:09 by Laune Rangers

Rangers White team reach Division Nine Final

 Ballymacelligott 3-9, Laune Rangers 3-10

Laune Rangers Under 14 White Team visited Ballymacelligott this evening in the County League Division Nine Semi Final, and came out on top by the narrowest of margins.

Following early points by Daniel Evans and David Crowley for Rangers, Ballymac netted a goal and two points to lead by three with a quarter played. The Rangers players grew into the game though, with points from Jack Healy, Darragh Evans & Darragh O’Grady being followed up by a great goal by Jack Healy to give the visitors the lead. Both sets of defences gained the upper hand for the later part of the half, with Ciarán O’Sullivan and Eoin Lynch doing well in particular for Rangers, and a Ballymac pointed free proved to be the final score of the half to see Rangers leading at the break. Half Time Score:- Ballymacelligott 1-3, Laune Rangers 1-5.

Laune Rangers got the ideal start to the second half, with Darragh O’Grady hitting the net for a goal. O’Grady also cancelled out an earlier Ballymac point with one of his own, before a great tackle out the field by Cathal O’Callghan dispossessed his marker and the following play ended with Jack Healy punching an overhead ball to the net for his second goal of the evening. Further points by Darragh Evans and Jack Healy were met by another free by Ballymac, before Darragh O’Grady saw a shot saved brilliantly by the Ballymac goalkeeper to deny Rangers a fourth goal. With 45 minutes played, Laune Rangers led by 3-8 to 1-6.

The final quarter was a different game as momentum swung heavily in the home side’s favour. Ballymac goaled in the 50th minute to reduce the gap and went on to tag on 3 more points to leave four between the sides with two minutes of normal time to play. Darragh O’Grady pointed again for Rangers, but late scores for Ballymac would give Laune Rangers a nervous end, as the home side kicked a goal and point deep into injury time. However, Rangers held on to win and qualified for the County League Division Nine Final against the winner of Austin Stacks vs Dr Crokes. Full Time Score:- Ballymacelligott 3-9, Laune Rangers 3-10.

Laune Rangers Squad:- Jack Foley, Barry Moriarty, Aona O’Shea, Cillian Buckley, Ciarán O’Sullivan, Eoin Lynch, Senan O’Meara, Jack Healy (2-2), Killian Spillane, Daniel Evans (0-1), Cillian Foley, Joseph Cronin Langham, David Crowley (0-1), Darragh O’Grady (1-4), Darragh Evans (0-2); Darragh Callan, Cathal O’Callaghan, Cillian Moriarty, Oisin Lynch, Eoghan Joy, Adam Carey, Jamie Healy, Ryan McCormack.

County Under 14 League Round 5:- Div 1 Laune Rangers vs Ballymac. Div 9 Kerins O'Rahillys 10 & 11/5/17

posted 12 May 2017, 13:56 by Laune Rangers

DIVISION ONE:- Laune Rangers vs Kilcummin

Laune Rangers finished the County Division One League phase in first place following defeat of Kilcummin on Thursday evening.

Laune Rangers were much stronger in the early part of the game, and led by four points after 10 minutes with Adam Owens (3, 1 free) and Callum Russell getting on the scoreboard. The Laune Rangers defence had the upper hand with Ciarán O’Sullivan and James Byrne excelling with Tom Whittleton & Aona O’Shea in support. Kilcummin registered their first scores of the game to see Laune Rangers lead by 0-4 to 0-2 with a quarter played.

Rangers stretched their lead out to seven with five unanswered points through Adam Owens (2), Darragh O’Grady, Calum Moriarty & Marc Clifford, putting together some great phases of play in the process. With four minutes to play in the half, a loss of concentration at the back saw the visitors score 2-1 in quick succession to tie the game up at the break. Half Time score:- Laune Rangers 0-9, Kilcummin 2-3.

Laune Rangers immediately made up for the scores condeded before the break with three goals in the opening five minutes of the second half – Calum Russell, Marc Clifford & Adam Owens all hitting the net with Clifford’s goal catching the eye in particular with a great finish to the top corner. Callum Russell palmed a Calum Moriarty pass to the net for Rangers’ fourth goal before two well taken points from Marc Clifford saw Laune Rangers leading by 4-11 to 2-3 with a quarter to play.

Kilcummin scored a goal to lift their spirits and added two points late on, but Rangers scored a fifth goal through Jack Healy and points from Adam Owens, Jack Healy, Callum Russell (free), Marc Clifford and James Treacy to close out the game in style. Full Time Score:- Laune Rangers 5-16, Kilcummin 3-5.

Laune Rangers will host Ballymacelligott in the Division One Semi Final, with details of the tie yet to be finalised.

Laune Rangers Team:- Jake Reenstierna, Cathal Crowley, James Byrne, Ciarán O’Sullivan, Aona O’Shea, Matt Reenstierna, Tom Whittleton, Callum Russell (2-2), Ryan Diggin, Marc Clifford (1-4), Callum Moriarty (0-1), Daniel Evans, Darragh O’Grady (0-1), Adam Owens (1-6), Jack Healy (1-1). Subs: James Treacy (0-1), Mikey O’Donnell, Jack O’Sullivan.

DIVISION NINE:- Laune Rangers vs Kerins O’Rahillys

In Division Nine, Laune Rangers had a comfortable win over Kerins O’Rahillys in the final round of fixtures to secure a semi final spot in the Division.

In a one sided matchup, goals from Cillian Foley, Darragh Evans, Eoin Lynch, Senan O’Meara & Darragh Callan were among the highlights on an evening where 22 development team players all played a significant number of minutes.

Laune Rangers will travel to Ballymacelligott in the Division Nine Semi Final, with details of the tie yet to be finalised.

Laune Rangers Squad (13 a side):- Jack Foley, Barry Moriarty, Cillian Buckley, James Prendiville, Eoin Lynch, Daniel Evans, Killian Spillane, Cillian Foley, Senan O’Meara, Joseph Cronin Langham, Oisin Lynch, Darragh Evans, Eoghan Joy; David Crowley, Cathal O’Callaghan, Darragh Callan, Adam Carey, Ryan McCormack, Gearoid Prendiville, Cillian Moriarty, Hugh Fitzpatrick, Jamie Healy.

Féile Peile na nÓg Chiarraí 2017

posted 3 May 2017, 14:36 by Laune Rangers   [ updated 3 May 2017, 14:45 ]

Laune Rangers Féile Panel 2017

Laune Rangers suffered defeat in the final of Féile Peile na nÓg Chiarraí on Wednesday evening as the final four teams in the County – Rangers, Kilcummin, Dr Crokes and Austin Stacks – faced off. Kilcummin hosted Laune Rangers, while Dr Crokes entertained Austin Stacks in the Semi Finals with the winner of each tie to meet in the Final in the 15 minute per half competition.

SEMI FINAL: Kilcummin 1-4, Laune Rangers 4-5

Laune Rangers beat Kilcummin in the Semi Final, as a strong second half display saw them over the line. Kilcummin went ahead by four early on with a goal an point in quick succession, but Rangers had the lead by the minimum at the break as Adam Owens scored two goals and a point for the Killorglin side – Callum Moriarty instrumental in both goals with great ball carrying and unselfish passing. Half Time:- Kilcummin 1-3, Laune Rangers 2-1.

Rangers were excellent in the second half, as they scored 2-4 unanswered as the Laune backs got on top of their markers, with Darragh Mangan, James Treacy clearing the danger time and again. At the other end, Adam Owens completed a hat-trick with his third goal while Darragh O’Grady netter another. Points came from Callum Russell, Mikey O’Donnell, Calum Moriarty and Darragh O’Grady. Kilcummin got themselves on the scoreboard with the final score of the game, but Rangers progressed to the final. Final Score:- Kilcummin 1-4, Laune Rangers 4-5.

FINAL: Austin Stacks 0-10, Laune Rangers 0-3

The final proved a step too far for the young Laune Rangers team unfortunately. Stacks led by three points at the break after a quick start, but Rangers could have been much closer if not ahead had they taken any of a number of opportunities in the first half. Points were scored by Adam Owens (free) and Marc Clifford – the latter hitting the crossbar before going over. Half Time:- Austin Stacks 0-5, Laune Rangers 0-2.

Austin Stacks were much stronger in the second half as they scored five more points, as Laune Rangers only managed a solitary Calum Russell point late on having let some more chances slip by. Final Score:- Austin Stacks 0-10, Laune Rangers 0-3.

It was a disappointing end to the evening for Rangers, as they eventually suffered for their lack of stature against a more physical team. However, they still remain top of the County League Division One table with a round to go, and look forward to hosting Kilcummin in the final Round next Wednesday evening.

Laune Rangers panel: Jake Reenstierna, James Byrne, Patrick Brennan, James Treacy, Ryan Diggin, Darragh Mangan, Tom Whittleton, Callum Russell, Matt Reenstierna, Jack O’Sullivan, Calum Moriarty, Mikey O’Donnell, Eoghan Hassett, Adam Owens, Marc Clifford, Darragh O’Grady, Aona O’Shea, Cathal Crowley, Ciarán O’Sullivan, Daniel Evans, Cillian Buckley, Jack Healy, Killian Spillane, Cillian Foley, Eoin Lynch

Central Under 16 League Division 1 FINAL:- Laune Rangers vs Austin Stacks. 1/5/17

posted 1 May 2017, 12:05 by Laune Rangers

The Laune Rangers Under 16 team that contested the Central Region Division One Final on Bank Holiday Monday evening.

Austin Stacks 5-12, Laune Rangers 2-9

Laune Rangers Under 16s suffered their first defeat of the season on Monday evening, as Austin Stacks defeated them in the Central Region Division One Final in Milltown. This was a rematch of sorts, as the same clubs battled out the 2015 Under 14 decider.

Austin Stacks got the perfect start, scoring two goals in the opening three minutes to take a commanding lead. Laune Rangers were playing much better in the early minutes and got a deserved goal of their own as Roan Moriarty reacted fastest to a dropped ball in the square and tapped it into the net. The momentum gained from this goal did not last, however, as Stacks responded with third goal – this one against the run of play – to restore their lead. The Tralee side then kicked the first point of the game to lead by 3-1 to 1-0 with 15 minutes played.

There had been worry over the fitness of David Mangan before the game as he had missed the previous two rounds with injury, and they were proved right to be worried as he was forced off early on. His loss was felt sorely too, as Stacks scored a fourth goal and added three points in the second quarter. Rangers responded with points from Shane Doona, Gabriel Griffin and Jack Evans to go in at the break trailing by ten points. Half Time Score:- Austin Stacks 4-4, Laune Rangers 1-3.

Stacks opened the scoring after the break with a point, before Laune Rangers’ best period of play saw them score four points unanswered in the space of five minutes – a brace each coming from Shane Doona (frees) and Gearoid Hassett. Stacks delivered another body-blow though, scoring a fifth goal and pointing soon after to wipe out Rangers gains beforehand. Laune Rangers were playing well at this point, but their final pass let them down time and again. Gearoid Hassett found the net for Rangers’ second goal in the 44th minute when a fine pass from Gabe Griffin found him in space and he made no mistake, rounding the goalkeeper and tapping into the empty net. With fifteen minutes to play, Austin Stacks led by 5-5 to 2-7.

With Laune Rangers chasing the game, Austin Stacks had control of the game and closed it out with relative comfort. Rangers managed two further points with Hassett and Barry O’Connor giving Rangers the only reward for their efforts but as Rangers pushed upfield, Stacks were able to break on the counter-attack and added seven points to their tally to add gloss to the scoreline. Full Time Score:- Austin Stacks 5-12, Laune Rangers 2-9.

Under 16 competition now takes a break, with the County Leagues to begin later in the summer.

Laune Rangers:- Ronan Fitzpatrick, Evan Madden, Cormac Doyle, Timmy O’Shea, Rory O’Connor, James Hurley, Ronan O’Shea, David Mangan, Gabriel Griffin (0-1), Eoin Clifford, Shane Doona (0-3), Matthew Leslie, Jack Evans (0-1), Roan Moriarty (1-0), Gearoid Hassett (1-3). Subs: Conor Burke, Barry O’Connor (0-1), Peadar Foley, Stephen Sealey, Niall Fenton Toms, Shogie O’Sullivan.

County Under 14 League Divisions 1 & 9 Round 4:- Laune Rangers vs Ballymacelligott. 26/4/17

posted 26 Apr 2017, 15:39 by Laune Rangers   [ updated 26 Apr 2017, 15:52 ]

Laune Rangers Under 14 Blue Team that faced Ballymacelligott in Round 4 of the County League Division 1 on Wednesday evening

Laune Rangers two U14 teams in action

Laune Rangers’ two Under 14 teams were in County League action on Wednesday evening, with games against Ballymacelligott in both Divisions 1 and 9 with one win and one loss on an evening where 40 players at the Under 14 age grade played in the club jersey.

DIVISION ONE: Laune Rangers 5-14, Ballymac 2-6

In Division One, Laune Rangers Blue Team defeated Ballymac with a strong second half performance in JP O'Sullivan Park. The sides were level at 1-1 apiece after 15 minutes after a first minute goal by Marc Clifford and a pointed free from Callum Russell were cancelled out. Adam Owens and Tom Whittleton both applied great finishes to great team moves for a brace of goals before Owens and Marc Clifford (free) added points. Tom Whittleton netted his second goal from a rebound after Ryan Diggin had struck the posts before the break, while Ballymac scored two points in the second quarter. Half Time score:- Laune Rangers 4-3, Ballymacelligott 1-3.

Laune Rangers kept Ballymac scoreless for 18 minutes of the second half, as astute defending from Cathal Crowley, Patrick Brennan & co cut out the visitors’ attack time and again. Callum Russell (3, 1 free), Calum Moriarty (2), Darragh O’Grady, Marc Clifford & Mikey O’Donnell (free) all pointed while O’Grady also netted Rangers’ fifth goal in the period to leave Laune Rangers leading by 5-10 to 1-3 with 12 minutes to play.

Ballymac doubled their total score in the final minutes with a final 1-3, while Rangers added final points from Darragg O’Grady, Calum Moriarty & Jack Healy before the final whistle. Full Time Score: Laune Rangers Blue 5-14, Ballymacelligott 2-6.

Laune Rangers Blue: Jake Reenstierna, Cathal Crowley, Patrick Brennan, James Treacy, James Byrne, Darragh Mangan, Ryan Diggin, Callum Russell (0-4), Matt Reenstierna, Mikey O’Donnell (0-1), Calum Moriarty (0-3), Tom Whittleton (2-0), Jack O’Sullivan, Adam Owens (1-1), Marc Clifford (1-2). Subs: Darragh O’Grady (1-2), Jack Healy (0-1), Sean Twiss, Ciarán O’Sullivan, Aona O’Shea.

DIVISION NINE: Laune Rangers 3-3, Ballymac 4-7

In Division Nine, Laune Rangers White were defeated by Ballymac. Having played against a tough breeze in the first half, Rangers trailed by 1-2 to 0-1 at the break. Ballymac scored three goals in quick succession early in the second half to take a commanding lead, but Laune Rangers battled back bravely to score three goals themselves through Oisin Lynch (2) and Daid Crowley. Ballymac did enough to take a deserved win away from Cloon. Full Time score: Laune Rangers White: 3-3, Ballymacelligott 4-7

Laune Rangers White: Jack Foley, Darragh Evans (0-1), Cillian Buckley, Barry Moriarty, James Prendiville, Eoin Lynch, Senan O’Meara, Cillian Foley (0-1), Killian Spillane, Eoghan Joy, Joseph Cronin Langham, David Crowley (1-0), Oisin Lynch (2-0), Adam Carey (0-1), Jamie Healy. Subs: Cathal O’Callaghan, Cillian Moriarty, Hugh Fitzpatrick, Gearoid Prendiville, Oisin Flynn.

Central Under 16 League Division 1 Semi Final:- Laune Rangers vs An Ghaeltacht. 23/4/2017

posted 23 Apr 2017, 15:31 by Laune Rangers

Laune Rangers reach Central Region Under 16 Final

Laune Rangers 6-7, An Ghaeltacht 1-4

Laune Rangers Under 16s defeated An Ghaeltacht on Sunday evening in the Semi Final of the Central Region Division One.

Played at JP O’Sullivan Park, Laune Rangers recovered from a slow start where they conceded two early points to level the game in the sixth minute through Matt Leslie and Gabriel Griffin. Griffin had a goal chance saved well by the Ghaeltacht goalkeeper before Shane Doona followed up a point with a well finished goal for Rangers. Jack Evans pointed to leave Laune Rangers leading by 1-4 to 0-2 with 15 minutes played.

Laune Rangers dominated the second quarter, and while an Ghaeltacht pointed twice and had two goal chances saved excellently by Ronan Fitzpatrick, the home side pushed on and followed up a Ronan O’Shea point with goals from O’Shea and Roan Moriarty before the break. Half Time score:- Laune Rangers 3-5, An Ghaeltacht 0-4.

Gearoid Hassett pointed for Rangers in the early stages of the half before An Ghaeltacht scored a well worked goal to close the gap. An Ghaeltacht scored no more and Laune Rangers closed the game out with a Barry O’Connor point and three more goals – Shane Doona, Eoin Clifford and an unfortunate own goal completing the scoring. Full Time Score:- Laune Rangers 6-7, An Ghaeltacht 1-4.

Laune Rangers move on to the Central Region Under 16 Division One Final, and will play the winner of Austin Stacks vs Na Gaeil in the decider.

Laune Rangers: Ronan Fitzpatrick, Evan Madden, Cormac Doyle, Timmy O’Shea, Rory O’Connor, James Hurley, Ronan O’Shea (1-1), Gabriel Griffin (0-1), Roan Moriarty (1-0), Matthew Leslie (0-1), Shane Doona (2-1), Eoin Clifford (1-0), Barry O’Connor (0-1), Gearoid Hassett (0-1), Jack Evans (0-1). Subs: Peadar Foley, Sean Cleary, Niall Fenton Toms, Stephen Sealey.

Central Under 16 League Division 1 Round 4:- Laune Rangers vs Churchill. 17/4/17

posted 17 Apr 2017, 14:51 by Laune Rangers

Laune Rangers Under 16s defeat Churchill

They top Central Region Division One with four wins from four

Laune Rangers 6-18, Churchill 2-12

Laune Rangers Under 16s defeated Churchill on Monday evening to complete their Central Region Division One League stage with four wins from four.

Laune Rangers were quick out of the blocks and were 1-3 to 0-0 ahead after 5 minutes, with Gabriel Griffin, Ronan O’Shea, & James Hurley pointing, while a further point attempt rebounded off the uprights onto the path of Gearoid Hassett, who slotted the ball to the net. Churchill responded with a quick 1-2 of their own, but a Stephen Sealey point for Rangers was followed up by Hassett’s second goal – a super shot past the keeper after beating two defenders. A Churchill pointed free was cancelled out by a Barry O’Connor point to leave Rangers ahead by 2-5 to 1-3 after 15 minutes.

Churchill outscored Laune Rangers by 5 points to 3 in the second quarter to leave a goal between the sides at the break – Gearoid Hassett, Gabe Griffin and James Hurley adding the scores for Rangers. Half Time score:- Laune Rangers 2-8, Churchill 1-8.

Laune Rangers began the send half in the same fashion as the first, and scored their third goal through half time replacement Sean Cleary after a fine move from midfield. Churchill responded with a point, and could have found themselves ahead in minutes, but Rangers goalkeeper Ronan Fitzpatrick pulled off two great saves to deny the visitors goals. This took the wind out of the Churchill sails somewhat as Laune Rangers pushed on. Matt Leslie pointed before Gearoid Hassett completed his hat-trick with another excellent goal while Shane Doona added a free. Gabe Griffin saw his shot saved at point blank range by the Churchill netminder. A Churchill point was cancelled out by a great Timmy O’Shea point before the visitors pointed twice more to leave Rangers ahead by 4-10 to 1-12 with a quarter of the game to play.

Churchill hit the post with a penalty before Rangers increased their lead with a point from Gabe Griffin and a Roan Moriarty goal. Churchill responded with a goal of their own but this would prove to be their final score, as the hosts added a further 1-6 in the last ten minutes to put a gloss on the scoreboard that didn’t do justice to the visitors’ efforts – Roan Moriarty with his second goal & points from Moriarty (2), Matt Leslie (2), Barry O’Connor and Eoin Clifford. Full Time Score:- Laune Rangers 6-18, Churchil 2-12.

Laune Rangers: Ronan Fitzpatrick, Niall Fenton Toms, Cormac Doyle, Timmy O’Shea (0-1), Evan Madden, James Hurley (0-2), Peadar Foley, Rory O’Connor, Gabriel Griffin (0-3), Barry O’Connor (0-2), Ronan O’Shea (0-1), Eoin Clifford (0-1), Jack Evans, Gearoid Hassett (3-1), Stephen Sealey (0-1). Subs: Matthew Leslie (0-3), Sean Cleary (1-0), Shane Doona (0-1), Roan Moriarty (2-2).

County Under 14 League Divisions 1 & 9 Round 3:- Dr Crokes vs Laune Rangers. 12/4/17

posted 12 Apr 2017, 15:13 by Laune Rangers   [ updated 11 May 2017, 15:30 ]

The Laune Rangers White Team that faced Dr Crokes in Division Nine of the County Under 14 Leagues on Wednesday evening

Wins for both Under 14 Teams against Dr Crokes


Dr Crokes 2-2 Laune Rangers 3-6

Laune Rangers Under 14s picked up two great wins in Lewis Road on Wednesday evening as they defeated Dr Crokes in both Divisions One and Nine of the County League.

In Division Nine, Laune Rangers White Team got their first win of the campaign, as goals from Adam Carey, Oisin Lynch and Cillian Foley made the difference. All three goal scorers also added a point each, as did Senan O’Meara, Eoghan Joy & David Crowley. In all, a good performance was rewarded with an away win.

Final Score:- Dr Crokes 2-2, Laune Rangers 3-6.

Laune Rangers White Panel:- Jack Foley, Barry Moriarty, Darragh Evans, Cathal O’Callaghan, Cillian Moriarty, Cillian Buckley, Senan O’Meara (0-1), James Prendiville, Cillian Foley (1-1), Eoghan Joy (0-1), Gearoid Prendiville, David Crowley (0-1), Jamie Healy, Killian Spillane, Adam Carey (1-1), Dara Joy, Ryan McCormack, Oisin Lynch (1-1) 


Dr Crokes 0-9, Laune Rangers 3-10

In Division One, the Under 14 Blue Team recorded their third win from as many games as an assured second half performance made all the difference.

Adam Owens pointed Rangers ahead in the second minute, but two Crokes points (1 free) reversed the scoreline soon afterwards. Laune Rangers first goal came in the 10th minute, as Darragh O’Grady finished soccer-style to the net after a sweeping counter-attack move started by full back Patrick Brennan’s interception. A Dr Crokes point was cancelled out by Eoghan Hassett to see Rangers lead by 1-2 to 0-3 after 15 minutes. Tom Whittleton added a point to extend Rangers’ lead with a well taken point, but Crokes managed four unanswered points (2 frees) to take a one point lead into the break. A good save by Crokes goalkeeper Mark Long ensured that this would be the case as he saved a shot at goal by Eoghan Hassett in the 25th minute. Half Time score:- Dr Crokes 0-7, Laune Rangers 1-3.

Dr Crokes opened the second half scoring with an excellent point, but this was cancelled out by a Callum Russell free from 30 yards out. Adam Owens levelled matters with his 2nd point of the night before Rangers put themselves truly in the driving seat with two goals in the space of 30 seconds. Darragh O’Grady put the finishing touch to a fine move, which included a great pass from full forward Marc Clifford. Clifford himself got his team’s third goal, as he was alert enough to beat the full back to a short kickout and put the ball into the net again. Dr Crokes goalkeeper Long may have felt at fault for the third goal, but he more than made up for it with two more excellent saves from Mikey O’Donnell & Jack O’Sullivan as points from Callum Russell and Ryan Diggin left Laune Rangers ahead by 3-7 to 0-8 with a quarter to play. Rangers outscored Crokes by three points to one in the final quarter – through Russell, Hassett & Diggin - to close out the game for a good win. Full Time score:- Dr Crokes 0-9, Laune Rangers 3-10.

The result leaves Laune Rangers top of the Division One Table after three away games, with the two home games against Ballymacelligott & Kilcummin to play.

Laune Rangers: Jake Reenstierna, Aona O’Shea, Patrick Brennan, Cathal Crowley, Tom Whittleton (0-1), Calum Moriarty, Darragh Mangan, Callum Russell (0-3), Matt Reenstierna, Eoghan Hassett (0-2), Mikey O’Donnell, Jack O’Sullivan, Darragh O’Grady (2-0), Marc Clifford (1-0), Adam Owens (0-2). Subs: Ciarán O’Sullivan, Ryan Diggin (0-2), Jack Healy, Daniel Evans, James Treacy, Sean Twiss.

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